Factors to consider When choosing Storage Facilities

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Published: 14th December 2010
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Objects normally accumulate, be it personal belongings or the paraphernalia of a business such as stationery, stock and paper documents, all of which may need storage. There are a number of reasons as to why objects could possibly want storage, not least of which is that it is not easy to live and work amidst piles of stuff, as personal organizers will confirm. This is where rented storage space facilities will help. Storage facilities will assist you to store essential and valuable items safely offsite so that they will be readily available when you need them but are not underfoot during the interim. Rented storage facilities can either be warehouses where items are crated and you may be unable to get access to them alone and independently, or much smaller self-contained areas to which you can have access. The aforementioned is termed "self storage" and is the sort of storage facility we are concerned with here.

There are lots of things that you'll want to take into consideration when you choose self storage facilities. The amount of space for storage you will need, accessibility, security, and hire periods are some of the more significant factors:

Degree of space for storing required

Companies offering storage facilities will need to have a range of different-sized store rooms that you can choose between but before you are able to make your choice, you need to know how much space for storing you require. Boxed items normally require less space than unboxed items but if you are likely to need to gain access to them any time soon, then i suggest you place these items on racks. Remember to find out whether you are permitted to install shelves if you should want to. You also must determine whether you may need room to expand so you can rent a bigger space to grow into if required.


It's a given that you should receive your own private set of keys to get access to the store room you'll have rented. You might like to choose a storage facility that provides 24 / 7 admittance to provide you with the convenience to be able to get in and out when you need to. Nothing is worse than being forced to wait until the morning hours to get into your storage space because you reached the premises five minutes after closing time. In addition, there should be sufficient space for a vehicle to be brought up to the store room entrance, and the door should be of the wide rollup variety for easy access.


Storage facilities need to have good security, so choose a facility with closed-circuit TV and patrolling guards to better protect your belongings. It is all very well to receive guards and cameras for protection but how about the attitude of the property manager? If this person displays an offhand and unprofessional attitude when you're making enquiries, then odds are; they will not be any more considerate in taking care of your belongings.

Lease periods

The storage facility you are considering using should offer both long and short term leases. It is annoying to need to keep renewing if you're leasing in the long term so you may wish to have a long lease in place. However, if you will only be needing storage facilities for a few months, then you should not be paying for empty space when you no longer require it.

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