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Published: 17th December 2010
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Angular cheilitis is an an infection that may show up as chapped lips when it's less extreme and in the form of sores and deep fissures around the sides of one's mouth when the infection is bad. The signs of angular cheilitis are also sometimes confused with fever blisters but are not. The disorder can be extremely painful and hard to combat, and while it's not infectious, is often embarrassing to endure socially. Individuals with deep folds across the mouth as a result of either age or genetics, and people with badly-fitting dentures are predisposed to angular cheilitis. Bacteria collect in these folds and crevices and add to the problem. The problem can also be known as stomatitis mouth, cheilosis and angular stomatitis, and there are numerous angular cheilitis cures around which they can display to deal with the situation.

Angular cheilitis cures can be grouped into three main ways of dealing with the problem: natural remedy, topical medication and diet. It's quite common to mix all three methods when treating angular cheilitis, and once it's been identified by a physician or skin doctor and you are aware of what it is, you can address it yourself without visiting a health care professional.

The natural approach to angular cheilitis cures requires the use of substances with antibacterial components. As the condition is made worse by an excess of bacteria gathering in the folds of skin, these natural ingredients can be used with good results. The advantage with natural treatments is the fact that most of them can be safely used in the long run and as preventative measures against future outbreaks. The initial line of defense is usually to clean the mouth by brushing and flossing. Angular cheilitis is sometimes caused by an overgrowth of bacteria caused by poor dental hygiene so correct brushing is essential. Tea tree oil is suitable to apply topically round the mouth, as is Vaseline which will help to help keep the skin lubricated and make the sufferer feel more at ease. Honey is anti-bacterial and may also be applied around the mouth. Aloe vera can be another good choice to assist in curing angular cheilosis.

Angular cheilitis is often caused by dietary insufficiencies and can also be remedied from within by improving poor dietary habits. Eating enough vegetables is the first line of defense, particularly those high in vitamin b and iron such as spinach, carrots and tomatoes. In addition to following a healthy diet, it's a great idea to take a daily multivitamin supplement help to strengthen the body's immune system. It's better to avoid citrus since it promotes bacteria and is acidic which can be painful on contact with affected areas.

Medical treatment is usually through the topical application of antifungal medication like nystatin that treats Candida albicans, the fungus accountable for causing angular cheilitis. Cortisone and steroidal creams can be used to treat bad outbreaks of the infection and medicated lip balm can be applied to assist you to stop licking your lips. It is also best to resist the urge to touch or rub the flaking skin around the mouth, or pick the scabs that may form whilst the angular cheilitis cures are working, as this will interfere with, and slow down the process of healing.

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